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FC-150 Fume Extractor 139 CFM


produkttype: Fume Extractor
SKU: FC-150A
Vægt: 10.0 kg
Sælger: fumeclear

Style: FC-150 Fume Extractor set

Garanteret sikker udtjekning

Garanteret sikker udtjekning


It is a small-sized solder fume extractor with a processing capacity of 118*2 cubic meters per hour, capable of efficiently filtering 99.7% of harmful air, suitable for various environments, and featuring reliability and energy-saving design.

Applications and Features of this fume extractor

1. Mainly for hair salon, beauty salon, nail salon, manual soldering, solder pot.

2. The purification rate against 300nm pollutions is 99%.

3. Multilayer filtration and rapid purification

4. Noise reduction design, quiet operation.

5. Metal body structure, strong and durable.

6. High-quality alloy fan achieves great suction power.

7. DC brushless motor is stable in performance and long in service life.

8. With digital display and remote controller.

9. With alarm system, it will remind you to replace the filter in time.

 Fume extractor for soldering-Promotion Alert!-Fumeclear


Model FC-150A
Air inlet interface Φ75mm *2 flange
Voltage  AC 110/220V
Power 150W
Max. No-load Speed(r/min) 4500
Negative Pressure 1700Pa
Pipe Length 2*10m/s
Noise <63dB
Flow 139 CFM
Dimensions(L*W*H) 0.29*0.24*0.4 M
Weight 10Kg


It adopts a multi-layer filtration system (3 layers), including pre-filter layer, middle filter layer and main filter layer. The pre-filter layer can adsorb large particles of dust, the middle filter layer is a high-efficiency air filter (HEPA), and the main filter layer is an activated carbon filter .

Fume extractor for soldering-Promotion Alert!-Fumeclear

Its filters are durable and do not need to be replaced under normal circumstances. The product also comes with 10 pre-filters, if the fume extractor has worked for a long time and the dust accumulation is too much, just replace the pre-filter .


Product Consumption (calculated according to 8 hours everyday)

1st Layer: 

Pre filter cotton for PM50

Replacement period: 7-30 days

2nd Layer: 

Medium efficiency filter core for PM0.5

Replacement period: 3-6 month

3rd Layer: 

High efficiency active carbon filter for other harmful gases

Replacement period: 6-12 month



  • Pre-filter*5 365*175*25mm

  • Medium hepa filter*1 365*175*55mm

  • Main carbon filter*1 385*195*250mm

  • 50mm*1.2m black bamboo tube

  • Black silicone round cover*1+Black silicone square cover*1

  • Product Manual*1

  • 150W  Solder Fume Extractor *1 

 After-sales service is guaranteed, engineers will provide 24-hour problem-solving service. Any quality problems can be contacted at any time for return or exchange .