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Sælger: fumeclear

XL-700 Fume Extractor


produkttype: Fume Extractor
SKU: XL-700
Vægt: 70.0 kg
Sælger: fumeclear


Garanteret sikker udtjekning

Garanteret sikker udtjekning


Looking for a powerful and reliable solution to eliminate fume and fumes in your workplace? Look no further than our state-of-the-art laser fume extractor!

Our cutting-edge fume extractor is specifically designed to handle the unique demands of laser cutting and engraving, providing you with a safe and clean work environment. With high suction power and an advanced filtering system, our fume extractor efficiently captures and removes harmful particles and gases generated during laser processing.

Not only does our fume extractor improve air quality and protect the health of your employees, but it also enhances the overall performance of your laser machinery. By preventing fume and fumes from accumulating on the lens and other components, our extractor helps to maintain optimal cutting and engraving quality while extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Easy to install and simple to use, our laser fume extractor is the perfect addition to any workshop or industrial setting. Don't let smoke and fumes slow you down – upgrade your workspace with our top-of-the-line fume extractor today!


1. With metal frame structure, it is durable in use.

2. Microcomputer chip control, digital display, remote control available.

3. Filter failure alarm system.

4. Multi-layer filtration and rapid purification.

5. DC brushless motor made it a stable performance and long life.

6. Impeller made of special alloy material, anti-corrosion and larger suction.

7. Dust collection and filtration, odor filtration, fire proof.

8. Equiped with observation widow, you can view the sevice condition at any time.



Model XL-700
Filter 6 Layers
Weight 70kg
Dimensions(L*W*H) 550*440*1035mm
CFM 441
Noise  <75dB
Power 700W
Voltage AC 110-220V
Size of Filter (can be customized)
Fireproof protection net 415*335*25mm
Primarry filter 450*380*100mm
PP Medium filter 450*380*50mm
Glass fiber filter 450*380*50mm
Activated carbon filter 450*380*50mm*4



  • XL - 700 Fume Extractor * 1

  • 150MM *3M Air Intake Pipe

  • 100MM *5M Exhaust Pipe

  • Fireproof protection net * 1

  • PP Medium Filter * 1

  • Primarry Filter * 1

  • Glass Fiber Filter * 1

  • Activated Carbon Filter * 4

  • Product Manual * 1