The hazards of harmful dust generated in the work of the nail industry

The hazards of harmful dust generated in the work of the nail industry

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The hazards of harmful dust generated in the work of the nail industry mainly include the following points:

  • Nail art dust is a kind of inorganic dust, which contains free silica, asbestos, talc and other components. These components are fibrosis-causing dust, which can cause lung fibrosis and lead to pneumoconiosis3.
  • Nail art dust has a high degree of dispersion and small particles, which are easily inhaled into the respiratory tract and enter the alveoli. Long-term inhalation of nail art dust will destroy the normal defense function of the lungs, cause cough, sputum, chest pain, dyspnea and other symptoms, reduce lung function, and increase the risk of infection and tumors.
  • Manicure dust can also cause irritation and damage to the eyes, skin, nasopharynx and other parts, causing corneal cloudiness, dermatitis, folliculitis, nasopharyngitis and other problems2.

Therefore, practitioners in the nail industry should pay attention to protective measures, such as wearing masks, glasses, gloves, etc., regularly clean the workplace and tools of dust, maintain good ventilation and sanitary conditions, and conduct regular health checks and lung function tests.


The hazards of hazardous dust generated during work in the nail industry have adverse effects not only on the practitioners, but also on clients and nail salons. 😟

Impact on customers: Customers will also inhale a certain amount of nail dust during the manicure process. Although the exposure time is short, frequent manicures will also cause irritation and damage to the respiratory system and increase the risk of illness. In addition, nail dust will also affect the vision and comfort of customers, and reduce the quality and effect of nail art.
Impact on nail salons: If nail salons do not have effective protective measures, nail dust will spread in the air, polluting the environment and affecting air quality and visibility. This will bring bad health and safety hazards to the nail shop, reduce the image and reputation of the nail shop, and damage the operating interests of the nail shop.
To solve these problems, we recommend readers to use fume extractors to reduce the generation and spread of nail art dust. 😊

The fume extractor is a device specially used to absorb and filter manicure dust, which can effectively reduce the flying of dust during the manicure process and protect the respiratory health of practitioners and customers.
The use of the smoke extractor is very simple, just place the smoke extractor on the manicure table, turn on the switch, and start working. The smoke extractor will inhale the dust in the air through a powerful fan, and filter the dust through a multi-layer filter, and only discharge clean air.
The smoke exhauster has many advantages, such as: small size, easy to carry and install; low noise, does not affect the effect of manicure; high efficiency, can quickly remove dust; low cost, reasonable price; easy maintenance, just replace the filter regularly Can.
Therefore, we strongly recommend readers to use fume extractors to improve the nail art environment and protect the health of themselves and others. 👍


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