FC-100A Fume Extractor - Fumeclear fume extractor - Up 30% OFF Now

FC-100A Fume Extractor - Fumeclear fume extractor - Up 30% OFF Now


In soldering or manicure work, some harmful fumes and dust will be produced, which can cause irritation and damage to our eyes, respiratory tract, skin, etc., and may even cause some chronic diseases or cancer. At the same time, these substances also pollute the air and affect our quality of life. Using FC-100A Fume Extractor can absorb and filter these substances in time, reduce our exposure risk and improve our work efficiency and comfort.


FC-100A Fume Extractor is a desktop small fume extractor, suitable for soldering and nail art and other occasions. Its features are as follows:

  • It has a high purification rate of up to 99.97%, which can effectively filter dust and harmful gases below 0.3 microns .
  • It adopts a three-layer filtration system, including pre-filter layer, middle filter layer and main filter layer. The pre-filter layer can adsorb large particles of dust, the middle filter layer is a high-efficiency air filter (HEPA), and the main filter layer is a high iodine value activated carbon filter .
  • It uses a knob switch, which is convenient to control the suction size and switch status.
  • Its power is 100W, suction is 200m³/h, and it can adsorb all fine objects within 15cm .
  • Its filter life is up to 3000 hours and does not need to be replaced frequently .



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