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FC-100A Fume Extractor Medium hepa filter


SKU-koodi: FC-100A-Fiter-all-2
Paino: 10.0 kg
Myyjä: fumeclear

样式: Medium hepa filter
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Taattu turvallinen kassalle

Taattu turvallinen kassalle


When the soldering smoke is drawn in.

  • The 1st layer pre-filter filters out the large particles in the exhaust.
  • The 2nd layer of the hepa filter immediately afterwards filters most of the dust below 0.3 microns.
  • Finally, the fume residue is completely filtered by the 3rd layer of main carbon filters and is converted into fresh air discharge from the exhaust port, and the purification rate can reach 99.97%.

Pre-filters are designed to filter large airborne particles such as wood chips, iron filings, plastic debris, etc. Service life about 168-240 hours

Medium Hepa filters are used to filter tiny particles floating in the air, such as iron powder, wood dust, etc., to prevent inhalation into the lungs. Service life about 2160 hours

The main carbon filter is used to purify invisible harmful gases and powder dust below 0.3 microns, and the activated carbon particles in the cartridge will firmly adsorb the harmful substances in the smoke. The purification effect is up to 99.97%, truly guarding your health. Service life about 3000 hours

Give you a truly healthy and pollution-free living environment.

filter set

3-Layer Filter Structure

The package includes


  • 5 pieces of Pre-filter,
  • 1 piece of Medium hepa filter
  • 1 piece of Main carbon filter.


The combination of Medium hepa filter and Main carbon filter has a normal service life of up to 3000 hours.

laser welding machine

Suggestions for use

If you are engaged in work that tends to produce large particulate matter, we recommend placing 2 pre-filters in the FC-100A. This provides better filtration and can extend the life of the main filter.In addition, clean off the large particles of impurities on the used pre-filter, which can be reused as appropriate.