Fumeclear® XL-300 Fume Extractor Instructions for use

Product Overview                               

*Our fume extractors have obtained CE security certification and the purifying effect has been confirmed by American PONY international professional testing agency with the certificates as below.The purified air can be discharged indoors directly.

Usage scenarios of this product:

  • Scope of application: Laser smoke evacuators are mainly used to eliminate large amounts of smoke and dust generated during medium and large laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving and other processes.

  • 5-stage filtration design, strong suction, adsorption efficiency and filtration rate up to 99.97%. The purified air can be discharged directly into the room.

Main Features:

  • Quick Filter Replacement: Quick-opening cabinet design for quick and easy replacement of all thefilters.
  • Constant Airflow: When the filter gets saturated gradually, the machine will adjust the power and airflow automatically to compensate for the loss of airflow caused by the clogged filter. In this way, it ensures stable and constant airflow all the time.
  • New Duct Design (Soft Pipe + Hard Pipe): it can achieve great flexibility in fixing the arm. You can also choose to mount the arm on the wall or on the workbench.

Product Size:


List of installed:

Installation instruction:


XL-500 filtration system consists of:

Our products package with 5 filter

  • First effect cotton filter core 【378x278x100mm】

  • Glass fiber core 【378x278x50mm】

  • Activated carbon filter core 【378x278x50mm】

Filter Use & Maintenance :

Note: it is forbidden to install filter cartridge or use inferior filter element in the market.In this case,the equipment is not within the scope of warranty.Please regularly replace the original configuration filter element and fill it in order to avoid causing greater losses.

Filter core placement in accordance with standard configuration

  • Turn the two butterfly buttons on the right side of the box counterclockwise,and open the front door of the chassis
  • Start with the top layer. Pull the belt and draw out the filter element one by one.
  • After replacing a certain level of filter element, we will put it down from top to bottom according to the order.

Note: This product uses replaceable filter consumables. When the filter core is saturated.it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the purification effect of the machine.

0peration instruction: