Fumeclear® FC-1001A Fume Extractor Instructions for use

*This product conforms to applicable CE requirements andthe purifying effect has been confirmed by the AmericanPONYinternational professional testing agency.

Usage scenarios of this product:

  • This product is suitable for places involved in air pollution like smoke, peculiar smell, dust, poisonous and harmful gas, during the process of soldering, laser marking & carving, printing, and medical care, etc.


  • With the triple-filter design and powerful suction, the absorbing efficiency and filtration ratio can reach 99.97%. The purified air can be discharged directly indoors.



Air Inlet Interface

Φ65mm Flange

Input Voltage


Maximum Power


Air Velocity


Filtering Efficiency





Length of Duct


Systemic Flow


Dimensions of Main Unit



How to use and maintain the filters

This product uses replaceable filtering consumables. When the consumables have been use to a certain extent, they need to be cleaned or replaced, in order to guarantee the good purifying effect of the machine.


Using method: Place the Pre-filter on top of Middle Filter. The front side (rough side) is facing upwards (air inlet direction). When the accumulated dust on the Pre-filter is over 70% and cannot be cleaned any more, please replace the Pre-filter with a new one.

2.Middle Filter

Using method: With the handle side facing up, put the Middle Filter inside the Main Filter. It shall be immediately cleaned off when the accumulated dust on the Middle Filter evidently affects the suction power. When it cannot be cleaned any more, please replace the Middle Filter with a new one.

3.Main Filter

Using method: With the handle side facing up, place the Main Filter at the bottom inside the machine. When it cannot effectively eliminate the peculiar smell in the smoke, please replace it with a new one. 



  • The power input of this product shall be used with in the specified nominal voltage scope(subject to power identification on the product body)。It’s strictly forbidden for the use with excessive high or low voltage,if the ambient voltage is unstable,please turn off the machine,unplug the power plug and use it again upon power stabilizing
  • While using the machine, the ambient temperature range of the gas and the dust sucked into the air inlet: atmospheric temperature - 60 ºC, never use it when the temperature is higher or lower than this temperature scope.
  • When using the machine,the humidity of the gas and the dust sucked into the air inlet should be between 40%-80%;if the humidity is excessively high,the filter element will become invalid rapidly rapidly andthe internal circuit will be damaged;never use it when the humidity is higher than 80%
  • When the machine has primary cotton filter,properly install the primary cotton filter before use,primary cotton filter can be classified as disposable consumable and never use it again after washing,please replace the primary cotton filter configured by the original manufacturer,regularly。never use the machine without primary cotton filter or with poor primary cotton filter,(poor or washed primary cotton filter over the market performs poorly and medium and high-efficiency filter element in the subsequent stages will be blocked up or become invalid quickly and cause greater losses)
  • It’s strictly forbidden to use this machine without a filter element,because the cooking fume or the dust particle sucked in the machine directly would cause damage to air blower and control system。Any fault caused by machine use under the aforesaid status shall be serviced at the user’s own cost,there for greater losses can be caused
  • It’s not permitted to continue to use the machine when the filter element or the filter cotton is blocked up。This will greatly shorten the service life of the machine,even damage the machine,please clean and maintain the machine regularly and replace the filter element regularly to ensure the machine’s working in good condition
  • In case your machine filter element is blocked up, the suction force is lowered or the filter element for foreign odor removal fails for foreign odor removal, it's not permitted to use this machine by reducing the machine's number of layers of the filter elements or without putting in primary filter element or cotton. Please replace it with the filter element and primary filter cotton configured by the original manufacturer.
  • Never open the machine for maintenance by yourself,the warranty sticker on the machine is the only voucher for you to enjoy after-sales service,so please don’ttear it up or damage it

Using instructions:

  • Filtering core installing instruction

Open the top cover, correctly install high-efficient filtering core, medium-efficient filtering core, primary-efficient cotton filtering with top cover and press for buckle hasps at the two sides

  • Duct Installation Instructions

1.Take out hose from package, and fix it with the flange on the cover of the machine.

2.Turn the tube, aim exhaust fume collecting hood with smoke outlet. Adjust the suction distance based on use occasions.

◆Attention: When adjusting the direction of suction tube, try to maintain a broad warp of the tube, otherwise it will affect the suction force. The suction inlet shall directly face the working point. Keep the distance within 150mm.

◆Attention: Try to avoid areas with large air flow, otherwise suction force will be affected or be totally blown away.