Fumeclear® FC-100A Fume Extractor Instructions for use

*This product conforms to applicable CE requirements andthe purifying effect has been confirmed by the AmericanPONYinternational professional testing agency.

Fumeclear® FC-100A uses a 3-layer filtration system. The filter is a disposable filter element and cannot be recycled.

If the filter element is not replaced for a long time, it will result in the inability to effectively filter harmful substances.

Usage scenarios of this product:
Smoke、odor、dust、toxic and harmful gases、welding、laser marking and engraving、printing、medical treatment and other places where smoke is generated.

⚠️Please note that this product is not suitable for industry and is only suitable for home use.

FC-100A filtration system consists of:

  • Pre-filter

If you are engaged in laser welding soldering work thatproduces more large particles, we recommend placing 2 pre-filters in the FC-100A. This provides better filtration and canextend the life of the main filter. In addition, clean off the largeparticles of impurities on the used pre-filter, which can be used as appropriate.

  • Middle Filter

Use method: With the handle side facing up, put the MiddleFilter and Medium carbon filter inside the Main Filter. Themedium filter shall be immediately cleaned off when the accumulated dust on the Middle Filter evidently affects thesuction power. When it cannot be cleaned any more, pleasereplace the Middle Filter with a new one.

  • Main Filter

Use method: With the handle side facing up, place the MainFilter at the bottom inside the machine. When it cannot effectively eliminate the peculiar smell in the smoke, please replace it with a new one.

Check Before Using
Before switching on the power for the first time, please ensurethat the followingconditions exist, so as to guarantee safeoperation.
1.The machine should be intact:

2.The power switch should be in the OFF position;

3.The filter element(s) should be evenly placed;

4.The cover and box body should be installed securely:

5.The speed-regulating button is adjusted to "OFF" Status;


Safety Precautions

⚠️Before use, please read and follow the safetyprecautions below to prevent fireand personal injury

⚠️This product is prohibited to be used in a hightemperature environment (above80°C)or in aflammable.explosive or greasy environment.

⚠️Supply wire must be grounded during operation.Internal electric voltage of the product is as high as310V.

⚠️Do not remove orinstall filter elements while themachineis operating.Hands orother objects shouldnot touch the rotatingimpeller.Dis-assembly of theproduct forinspection or maintenance mustbeperformed by professionals.

⚠️Please do not use this product in strong acidic andalkaline environment, otherwise it will cause damageto the brushless motor and affect the service life.

Installation &Useinstructions

  • Filtering Core Installation

Open the top cover and correctlyinstall the high-efficientfiltering core, medium-efficientfltering core, primary-efficientcotton fltering with top cover and press for buckle hasps atthe(wo sides.

  • Suction Duct HoseInstallation

Remove the hose from the package, and atlach it lo the ductflange on the cover of themachine.

Turn the tube, aim exhaust fume collecting hood with thesmoke outlet.Adiust the suctiondistance based on theapplication.

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