Fumeclear® FC-350 Fume Extractor Instructions for use

*This product conforms to applicable CE requirements andthe purifying effect has been confirmed by the AmericanPONYinternational professional testing agency.

Fumeclear® FC-350 Fume Extractor, an advanced Fume Extractor engineered to meet the diverse needs of the modern workplace. 

Usage scenarios of this product:

This product is suitable for applications where fumes are produced such as smoke, peculiar smells, dust, poisonous and harmful gas, soldering, laser marking & carving, printing, and medical care, etc.

With the triple-filter design and powerful suction, the absorbing efficiency and filtration ratio can reach 99.97%. The purified air can be discharged directly indoors.

FC-350 filtration system consists of:

  • 5 pieces of Pre-filter,
  • 1 piece Medium-efficiency PP filter element
  • 1 piece Medium-efficiency glass fiber filter
  • 1 piece Activated carbon filter

 Product Consumption (calculated according to 8 hours everyday)

1st Layer: 

Fire-proof protection net

Replacement period: Washable.

2nd Layer: 

Primary efficiency filtration cotton

Replacement period: 1-2 week

3rd Layer: 

Medium efficiency filtration cotton

Replacement period: 2-3 month

4-5th Layer:

High efficiency filtration cotton: 

Replacement period: 3-6 month

We can configure different filter element as you need.


Capture Method

Source Capture


Caster Base



Model Number





16-gauge steel, polyurethane powder coat finish


16″ W x 12.5″ D x 24.5″ H

Voltage/Negative Pressure

AC 110/220 ,2600Pa

Typical Motor Life

100,000 hours (depending on operating conditions)

Noise Level


Fan Performance

253 CFM

Filter Efficiency

4 layers,0.3μm99.97%


Packaging, Chemical, Plastics, Machining, Powder Mixing, Welding


Safety Precautions

⚠️Before use, please read and follow the safety precautions below to prevent fire and personal injury.  

⚠️This product is prohibited to be used in a high temperature environment (above 80℃) or in a flammable, explosive or greasy environment.

⚠️Supply wire must be grounded during operation.Internal electric voltage of the product is as high as 310V.

⚠️Do not remove or install filter elements while the machine is operating. Hands or other objects should not touch the rotating impeller.

Installation & Use instructions

  • Filtering Core Installation

Open the top cover and correctly install the high-efficient filtering core, medium-efficient filtering core, primary-efficient cotton filtering with top cover and press for buckle hasps at the two sides.

  • Suction Duct Hose Installation

  1. Removethe hose from the package, and attach it to the duct flange on the cover of the machine.
  1. Turn the tube, aim exhaust fume collecting hood with the smoke outlet. Adjust the suction distance based on the application.