Fumeclear® XL-700 Fume Extractor Instructions for use

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Product Overview                               

*Our fume extractors have obtained CE security certification and the purifying effect has been confirmed by American PONY international professional testing agency with the certificates as below.The purified air can be discharged indoors directly.

Usage scenarios of this product:

  • Scope of application: Laser smoke evacuators are mainly used to eliminate large amounts of smoke and dust generated during medium and large laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving and other processes.

  • 5-stage filtration design, strong suction, adsorption efficiency and filtration rate up to 99.97%. The purified air can be discharged directly into the room.

Main Features:

  • Quick Filter Replacement: Quick-opening cabinet design for quick and easy replacement of all thefilters.
  • Constant Airflow: When the filter gets saturated gradually, the machine will adjust the power and airflow automatically to compensate for the loss of airflow caused by the clogged filter. In this way, it ensures stable and constant airflow all the time.
  • New Duct Design (Soft Pipe + Hard Pipe): it can achieve great flexibility in fixing the arm. You can also choose to mount the arm on the wall or on the workbench.

Product Size:


List of installed:

XL-700 filtration system consists of:

Our products package with 8 filter

  • First Prefilter *1 【450*380*100mm】

  • Stainless steel fire protection network*1 【425*335*25mm】

  • Glass fiber high efficiency filter core *1 【450*380*50mm】

  • PP high efficiency filter core *1 【450*380*50】

  • Activated carbon filter core *1【450*380*50】

Filter Use & Maintenance :

Filter cartridge installation instructions


1.Turn the two butterfly buttons on the sides of thebox counterclockwise,and open the door on the chassis.

2.Turn the two butterfly buttons on the right side of thebox counterclockwise, and open the front door of the chassis.

3.Start with the top layer. Pull the belt and drawout the filter elenent one by one.

4.After replacing a certain level of filter element, we will putfrom top to bottom according to the order.

0peration instruction:


Before operation, please take note of the following safety precautions in order to avoid fire or inguiries.

  • The input voltage should be within the rated voltage range. Please follow the power ratingidentification on the machine. Please do not use the machine when the voltage is too high ortoo low. 
  • The environment temperature of fumes or dust extracted into the air inlet must be within -10°C-45°C, above or below which are prohibited.
  • The environment humidity of fumes or dust extracted into the air inletmust be within 40%~80%The humidity higher than 80% will damage the interior circuit of the machine and cause quickfailure of the filters.
  • The filters are not washable and cannot be reused. Pleasereplace the filters regularly, so as to
    ensure the machine to work properly.

Attention: Make sure to switch off the power before checking and repairing the machine.

Routine Maintenance:

  • Problem 1: The control panel flashes and buzzes.

Cause: The machine gives alarm for filter clogging.

Solution: During the buzzing, take out the filters in this sequence:Pre-filter, Glass Fiber Filter,Active Carbon Filter. When you take out whichever filter and the machine stops buzzing, it means this particular filter needs to be replaced.

  • Problem 2: The suction is weak.

Cause: If the machine is buzzing, please confirm first if the adjusting valve is completely opened or not. Then please turn on the three-in-one switch and check if the switch indicator is on or not. If the indicator is not on and the circuit has no problem, probably the fuse is broken. Solution: Replace the fuse.

Steps to replace fuse