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What type of filter is a fume extractor ?

Various fume extractors use different types of filters including carbon and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air). Most fume extractors recirculate the air eliminating the need for costly replacement air. Therefore, fume extractors are more efficient, have easy access to filters, use less space than other options.

How does a fume extractor work ?

Fume extractors have powerful fans that suck in the contaminated air and draw in all of the particles at the same time. The air that has been extracted is cleaned as it is passed through a filter (or series of filters). Finally, the now-clean air is released back into the room. 

This highly efficient process is possible thanks to the strength of the extractor fans and the clever design of the fume extraction filters. These two components work together to remove the harmful fumes and particles so effectively that the air is safe to immediately return to the atmosphere.

Which industries can Fumeclear® Fume extractor be used for?

The Fumeclear® Fume Extractor is a cutting-edge solution that finds its utility across a diverse spectrum of industries, ranging from soldering and electronics production to laser applications, 3D printing, as well as the beauty, nail, and hair salon sectors. Boasting an impressive capability to efficiently remove up to 99.7% of harmful gases, this state-of-the-art extractor stands as a stalwart guardian, ensuring a secure and healthful workspace. By significantly mitigating the risk of respiratory ailments caused by inhaling detrimental fumes, it emerges as a steadfast protector of occupational well-being.


Is it secure to order on this site?

At Fumeclear, we give utmost priority to your security. We ensure that all transactions are processed through secure payment gateways, guaranteeing protection to your financial information. We do not store any debit or credit card details, which adds to the peace of mind of our customers.

How do I apply a coupon code?

Redeeming your Fumeclear discount is a breeze! Just apply the code at checkout. Please note that only one coupon can be used per order, and the coupon code cannot be combined with any other discounts or used for subscription orders.

How do I pay for my purchase?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal & Apple Pay

How long will my order take to arrive?

We aim to ship the drums within 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri).Orders typically take 2-5 business days from when they were shipped to be delivered (depending on where you are located).

What should I do if I received some poor quality products?

If you’re looking to return or exchange your order for whatever reason, we’re here to help! We offer free returns or exchanges within 14 days of receiving your order. You can return your product for a different product, or a refund to the original payment method.

Please note the following exceptions to our return and exchange policy:

Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged

Returned items must have no visible signs of wear or use

You are responsible for paying shipping and custom fees

To initiate a return or exchange, please contact us.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship our products from our warehouse belt in the United States, and we usually ship all products to the United States for free using FedEx service.