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Modular and Compact fume extraction Solution: The Best Choice for Mobile Laboratories

Modular and Compact fume extraction Solution: The Best Choice for Mobile Laboratories

The Best Choice for Mobile Laboratories,Modular and Compact fume extraction Solution

Portable laboratories have unique needs when it comes to outfitting a trailer with equipment and tools. Despite the small space, technicians and researchers still need most of the same supplies found in physical labs, especially fume hoods and clean spaces.

Fume hoods and smoke extraction devices effectively filter out dangerous chemical vapors and particulates, while clean spaces create a dust-free environment to protect samples from contamination. This article looks at five reasons why Fumeclear®’s range of smoke extractors and clean spaces are the ideal solution for mobile laboratories.

Fumeclear® FC-350 Fume Extractor

  • High-efficiency filtration

Fumeclear®'s smoke extractor is equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system, which can capture and remove various harmful chemical vapors and particles to ensure the safety of experimenters. This is especially important in portable laboratories where contaminants can more easily concentrate in small spaces. The demand for mobile laboratories prompted us to look for efficient smoke extractors to ensure the safety and accuracy of experiments.

  • Flexible installation

These smoke extractors and clean space equipment are compactly designed for easy installation and use in mobile laboratories. Whether installed inside a trailer or other portable installation, it can easily fit into limited spaces. Fumeclear® products can be flexibly deployed in portable laboratories to meet different experimental needs.

  • Highly Portable

Fumeclear® equipment is lightweight and easy to move, making it ideal for portable laboratories that need to be moved around frequently. The equipment can be quickly disassembled and reinstalled, ensuring uninterrupted experimental processes. These features allow mobile laboratories to operate efficiently in different locations.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

These devices are not only efficient, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The low-energy design means they require less power resources when in use, making them ideal for mobile laboratory applications. Equipment using Fumeclear® not only improves the efficiency of portable laboratories but also reduces energy consumption.

Fumeclear® recommends Fumeclear® FC-100A Fume Extractor。Its advantages:

  • Small Footprint

Our FC-100A Fume Extractor unit is compact and perfect for tight spaces. Approximately half a square foot of space is required. The tabletop unit is perfectly sized to fit standard countertop depths. If desk space is congested, our floor-standing units with telescopic arms can be placed next to the workstation so that the telescopic arms can be positioned close to the smoke being extracted.

When not in use, these units can be stored under countertops, inside cabinets, or placed in a corner.


The unique 3-layer filter design that can effectively filter out 99.97% of harmful gases and tiny impurities. And FC100A is also equipped with 10 pre-filters specifically designed to absorb large particles of dust.


FC100A main carbon filter is composed of high iodine activated carbon, which has better adsorption and purification effect than ordinary activated carbon and longer service life. It is expected to last for 3000 hours and does not need to be replaced until then. Great value for money!


FC100A Solder fume extractor has a much higher suction power than similar products, up to 200m³/h. It can easily absorb all fine objects near the hood head, including exhaust gas, powder, iron filings, etc.


All of our products are CE and FCC certified. Our FumeClear engineers are available 24/7 to provide problem-solving services. Additionally, you can return or exchange the product at any time in case of any quality problems.

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